Stylox Filament Storage and Dry Box

by Stylox
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The Dry-Store multi from Stylox is a sealed container designed specifically for 4x1KG or 5x750g reels of 3D printer filament.

Many 3D printer filaments degrade when affected by moisture absorption, so storing in a dry environment will help extend the lifespan and improve performance.

Manufactured from tough, high clarity Polycarbonate means you can easily see the filament inside the Dry-Store multi, which is handy when you’re looking for a particular reel. Inside, a small, neatly positioned vented container filled with desiccant gel beads keeps filament nice and dry.

Our made to measure design means the overall size is kept to a minimum which is great if you have several and stack them on top of each other.

Due to its compact size, the internal volume of air is kept to a minimum. All air contains some moisture, so it makes sense to make the container as small as possible. It is fact that 1 x cubic foot of air at 21 degrees C and 50% room humidity will hold around 6 droplets of water. The Stylox Dry-Store multi being so compact in size has an internal volume of well under 0.5cubic foot when containing filament. This obviously depends on how full the reels of filament are when stored.

Product dimensions
Ext. size – L33cm x W25cm x H24cm
Int. size – L31cm x W22cm (at top) x H22cm
Int. size – L28cm x W19cm (at bottom) x H22cm

Product care - cleaning
The best way to clean the product, should you need to and to avoid scratches from cleaning cloths etc. is to wash it in a warm solution of washing up liquid using a non-abrasive cloth. Allow to dry naturally or use a smooth soft absorbent cloth. Polycarbonate by its very nature is susceptible to fine scratching. It is particularly difficult to avoid this during manufacture. Whilst every effort is made to prevent this, it is unavoidable that some fine scratching may have occurred. This will not however affect the clarity of the product.

Add a Hygrometer!

Measure the moisture in your Dry-Store with a Hygrometer. Includes downloadable STL file to print the holder.

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