Digital Hygrometer - for use with the Stylox Dry-Store - Black

by Stylox
£5.49 (Inc VAT)
SKU 1007HYG001
For use with the Stylox Dry-Store

We also offer a downloadable file for the holder which fits nicely in the base of your Dry-Store.
  • Compact and Convenient: These hygrometers are typically small and lightweight, easily fitting inside your filament storage box. Some even clip right onto the spool itself!
  • Accurate Readings: No more guesswork! Digital hygrometers provide precise humidity readings, usually displayed on a clear LCD screen. You'll know exactly how dry (or not) your filament is keeping.

With a trusty digital hygrometer by your side, you can confidently store your filament and ensure top-notch 3D printing results. So go forth, conquer the moisture monster, and unleash your creativity!

Remember: A hygrometer is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly keep your filament dry, consider using a Stylox sealed storage box with desiccant for optimal protection.

Download the holder here: DOWNLOAD