HIPS Natural

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HIPS is a colourant free support material with good performance and easy printability.

It is easily soluble in limonene when used as a support material.

It prints smoothly with a clean surface and has similar thermal properties to ABS. It also has great performance as a printing filament with a clean surface and great impact resistance.

Basic Physical Properties:
Printed sample (100% infill) Test standards
Density (g/cm3) 1.04 ISO 1183
Melt flow rate (MFR) 1 5-7 ISO 1133
Heat deflection temperature(HDT)2 97 ISO 75
Vicat softening temperature(VST)3 103 ISO 306
Tensile strength (MPa) 20-23 ISO 527
Elongation at break(%) 15-19 ISO 527
Maximum force(Mpa) 34-35 ISO 178
Flexural modulus(Mpa) 1700-1800 ISO 178
Impact strength(KJ/m2) 10-11 ISO 179
Notch impact strength1(KJ/m2) 19-23 ISO 179


We want you to love our filament and we have benchmarked it against most of the leading brands to ensure you will love your 3D Prints made with filament from 3D Printz.