PLA 1.75mm Black

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Our PLA Black is a deep dark black with a clean finish when printed. It has a beautiful glossy sheen on finely printed parts and it is of the highest quality.

Diameter Tolerance  +/- 0.03mm
Diameter 1.75mm
Colour Black
Material PLA
Temperature 190°C - 220°C
Bed Temp 60°C
Product Code 1000PLABLK

PLA Material Data Sheet Download

Our high specification 3D Printing Filament gives you confidence the surfaces of your print will be consistent and smooth with no blockages in the print head.

We pride ourselves on delivering to the very highest standards and we know you will be delighted with your prints if you use 3D Printz.

Each PLA reel holds a 1KG of 3D filament so you can print the largest models without needing to restock constantly.

We are passionate about 3D printing and we want you to love our filament as much as we do.

To get the best from our filament, start at 195C and work from there. Our filament works well at a lower temperature than many others. You will need cooling to work with PLA, and to ensure bed adhesion, we would recommend heating it to 60C if you can along with a suitable spray or pen adhesive.