Slice Engineering Joins up with 3D Printz

Slice Engineering Joins up with 3D Printz

A Shropshire 3D printing company has signed another supply deal with a top American manufacturer.

3D Printz Limited, based at Hortonwood, is now supplying the entire range from Florida-based Slice Engineering.

It includes more than a dozen products, from adapters and cables to cooling fans and hotend components.

Daniel Barousse, co-founder and chief executive of Slice Engineering, said: “We pride ourselves on design innovation and precision US manufacturing.

“3D Printz shares similar values - they stock high quality products made by reputable brands, and even their own line of high tolerance filament. 

“3D Printz will be stocking the full line of Slice Engineering products, including both industrial and open source components, to satisfy the full range of 3D printing customers, from DIY'ers to print farms.”

He added: “The UK is an important market on the global 3D printing scene, and we have long desired to increase our exposure ‘across the pond’.

“Our partnership with 3D Printz helps us do that while simultaneously investing in the 3D printing community through events like 3D Meetup UK, which they sponsor."  

The Slice Engineering deal is the latest in a series of partnerships signed by the Shropshire company.

Others include Bondtech, a Swedish company that produces dual drive extruders for improved digital fabrication, and South Korean supplier Antclabs for its BLTouch auto bed levelling sensor.

3D Printz also sells the popular 3D Gloop! adhesives, to be used with 3D printing of filaments like ABS, PLA, and PETG, as well as products such as nozzles and hotends from US company Micro Swiss, and other adhesives like Magigoo.

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