Mech-3D: Printer Oil

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Mech-3D Oil specified for 3D printers where friction is the enemy of quality.

Lubricating the slides and bearings with Mech-3D printer oil will reduce friction which can greatly improve print quality. Where you might see slight artefacts at corners and anywhere the carriage changes direction, the reduced friction will eliminate the slight pause as the motor overcomes friction when changing direction.

Much reduced friction will reduce carriage tight spots and improve the surface finish of your prints.

This oil is long lasting, clean and will extend the life of your 3D printer whatever the make.

Mech-3D oil comes in generous 100ml bottles which will last for a long time with just a few drops needed every few months. Your 3D printer will love Mech-3D

Mech-3D is a water white oil with non-staining qualities. It has outstanding oxidation stability and provides a long fluid life.

Specific Gravity (AT 15°C) 0.843
Kinematic Viscosity

 (At 40°C, CST) 36.7

Flash Point (°C) 240

Mech-3D Printer oil meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications.