Mosquito® Liquid

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SKU 1.75 - A-MLH-HO-0041-1.7
Behold the Mosquito® Liquid - it uses the same patented technology found in the standard, air-cooled Mosquito® hotend, but optimized for liquid cooling in heated enclosures. Like all of our hotends, Mosquito® Liquid is completely Made in the USA, out of top end materials. The liquid cooling block is precision machined out of a corrosion resistant bronze alloy that allows for use with most commercially available coolants. Liquid also features our latest Bimetallic Heat Break™ - the first version to be totally conductively cooled. The hotend is available with or without liquid fittings.

We can't quite talk about the specifics yet, but Mosquito® Liquid will be featured on several upcoming industrial 3D printers optimized for printing high temperature plastics such as PPSU, PEEK and PEKK.

- Mosquito® Liquid - 1.75 (Fully assembled)
- Mosquito® Liquid Mounting Hardware
- Set of Mosquito® Liquid hex keys for assembly, disassembly, and mounting
- Eisele Fittings (if selected)

Mass Specifications:
- Hotend mass: 74 grams
- Hotend mass w/ 6 mm OD Eisele Straight Fittings: 99 grams
- Hotend mass w/ 8 mm OD Eisele Straight Fittings: 108 grams
- Hotend mass w/ 6 mm OD Eisele Elbow Fittings: 122 grams
- Hotend mass w/ 8 mm OD Eisele Elbow Fittings: 158 grams

General Notes:
1) If using Eisele Fittings, the compression side should be hand tightened and the threaded side should be torqued to a maximum of 9 Nm for a proper seal.
2) If using these compression fittings with a tube material that has a Durometer of 95A or softer, a tube support will be necessary in order to properly secure the tube within the fitting. An example of a tube support for the 6 mm fittings can be found here and a tube support for the 8 mm fittings can be found here.
3) If using a tubing softer than 95A, we tested and recommend Viton® fluoroelastomer tubing with a Durometer of 75A. Here is a link to the 6 mm OD tubing and here is a link to the 8 mm OD tubing.
4) The Mosquito® Liquid is compatible with Rep Rap style nozzles which are characterized by their M6 x 1.0 threads, 7 mm threaded length, and 12.5 mm overall length