Boron Nitride Paste

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Boron Nitride Paste offers improved thermal performance by optimizing conductive heat transfer through 3D printer hot blocks, thermowells, RTD sensors, thermistors, thermocouples, and more.

This paste is non-electrically conductive, stable at high temperatures, and acts as a reliable potting agent.

Improved Thermal Performance

Improved Thermal Performance

Specially formulated to ensure efficient heat transfer, Boron Nitride Thermal Paste optimizes conductive heat transfer through 3D printer hot blocks, thermowells, RTD sensors, thermistors, thermocouples, and more. It minimizes air gaps and promotes even heat dispersion across components. It's also extremely conductive, maintaining a thermal conductivity of 31.4 W/mK at 100°C.

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Accurate Temperature Measurement

When used in 3D printing, Boron Nitride Paste effectively transfers heat from the heater cartridge to the hot block and optimizes the sensor's capability of reading that heat. This enhances the efficiency of your hot block, extends your heater’s lifespan, and ensures accurate temperature measurement.


Non-Electrically Conductive

Boron Nitride Paste eliminates the risk of short circuits by being non-electrically conductive after being heated to 100°C, safeguarding your heater cartridge and thermistor. With high-temperature stability up to 850°C in air and 1800°C in a vacuum, it excels in demanding printing applications. RoHS and REACH compliant, it meets strict safety and environmental standards. For additional information on safety and handling, the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is available in the downloads below.

Reliable Potting Solution

Reliable Potting Solution

Boron Nitride Paste is the ideal potting agent when installing heaters and temperature sensors. Mosquito® and Copperhead® hot blocks use retaining screws to hold the heater and sensor in place instead of clamps (which can put unnecessary pressure on the cartridges and reduce their lifespan), requiring Boron Nitride Paste as a potting agent to hold the cartridges firmly in place.

Boron Nitride Paste

Water-Soluble Cleanup

Boron Nitride Paste offers the convenience of water solubility, allowing easy cleanup and maintenance. When disassembling or reconfiguring your 3D printer, carefully clean the components with water to remove the paste without any residue or greasy buildup.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Rating 850°C
Solubility in Water Soluble
Thermal Conductivity (100°C) 31.4 W/mK
Electrical Conductivity Non-conductive when dehydrated at 100°C
Form Paste
Color White
pH Level 9-10
Volume Options 1 cc, 5 cc, or 30 cc
Manufacturing Made in the USA