PLA Brown Wood Fill 1.75mm

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Kexcelled Wood Fill PLA comes in three distinct colours Yellow Wood, Black Wood, Brown Wood. So you can be sure to replicate the colour and wood finish you require on your part or model. 

The Wood Fill PLA produced by Kexcelled has actual wood fibre's in the filament so once printed you will have a texture to your part which is almost wood like. Even though the filament has real wood fibre's in the filament it is still produced to the highest standard having a +/- 0.03mm tolerance.

We recommend printing this filament with at least a 0.6mm nozzle, because the filament has real wood fibre's you are at risk of blocking your nozzle. We also recommend using a hardened nozzle.

Diameter Tolerance  +/- 0.03mm
Diameter 1.75mm
Colour Brown Wood
Material PLA
Temperature 190°C - 220°C
Bed Temp 60°C
Product Code WOODK7-175-BN