3D Printz Announces Official UK Distribution Deal With Magigoo

3D Printz Announces Official UK Distribution Deal With Magigoo

A fast-growing Shropshire company has become the official UK distributor for one of the world’s top suppliers of adhesive in the 3D printing industry.

3D Printz Limited, based at Stafford Park in Telford, has teamed up with Thought3D Limited, which offers a non-toxic and odourless adhesive solution, Magigoo, to both hobbyists and professionals.

The Magigoo range tackles ‘first layer not sticking’ problems – the most common issue with much of the latest 3D printing technology. The Maltese-based company sells its products all over the world.

The 3D Printz team said: “This is an important step in the growth of our business, and we’re delighted to partner with a brand which has such a great reputation, worldwide profile, and a loyal customer base.

“Magigoo ensures a strong adhesion to the hot plate, and when printing is ready, you simply have to wait for the plate to cool down and remove your prints with just a finger flick – no additional tools are needed.

“It is extremely rewarding to have a 30-hour print complete without any warping, which releases easily once cooled.”

Thought3D co-founder Andy Linnas added: “We look forward to collaborating with the 3D Printz team.

“We love working with dedicated teams in the 3D printing community, and are glad we can bring Magigoo closer to its end customers in the UK and Ireland, with their help.”

3D Printz Ltd has been formed by a group of Shropshire-based enthusiasts with decades of experience in sectors such as quality and manufacturing, information technology and business development.

The company was born out of frustration – wanting to make great parts from our printers, but feeling let down by the materials and filaments available.

The goal of the e-commerce business is to produce high-quality 3D print filament at a sensible price.

With laser-controlled manufacturing, 3D Printz can guarantee a diameter tolerance of just +/- 0.03mm on its products, giving a smooth and finely detailed surface to a customer’s prints.

The 3D filament has already been used to make a range of products around the world, including model aircraft, TV props and collapsible VR Domes which are now operating in Saudi Arabia.

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